California Farm and Garden designs, installs, and maintains edible landscaping in urban environments. We work with homeowners, restaurants, health & education facilities, and large corporations in San Diego and Orange Counties to create beautiful, productive vegetable gardens and fruit orchards.

About Us

Established at the peak of the “Great Recession,” the founders of California Farm and Garden saw a need and had the vision to supply a semblance of stability. They realized support could be offered to the community by providing food security using a modernized version of “victory gardens” made popular during World War II. This contemporary spin on home gardens and urban farming was a hit, and the company quickly began to flourish as it equipped families in San Diego and Orange Counties with the tools needed to consistently and efficiently grow their own fruits and vegetables.

Since, California Farm and Garden’ research on topics like the California drought, food waste, and workplace health have only strengthened demand as the public becomes more aware of the seemingly endless benefits of local, organic gardens and orchards. Not only do people like being surrounded by greenery that is both beautiful and productive, but there is now a cross-generational compulsion to know how your food is grown, where it was grown, and how it traveled to your fork. California Farm and Garden takes the guessing and obscurity out of that equation.

And importantly, we’ve created a workplace culture that now attracts some of the finest, most intelligent people you’ll ever meet. Our backgrounds in agriculture, the sciences, business, and more have only augmented what’s already there: unparalleled passion. We love what we do, why we do it, and who we do it for.

Our Mission

California Farm and Garden uses entirely organic methods, local sources, and a crew with unsurpassed expertise to design, install, and maintain edible landscaping in urban environments. We are a small business that provides local, sustainable food opportunities to our clients and communities while educating the public on how these efforts influence global regeneration and sustainability.

Our Vision

Ultimately, California Farm and Garden wants to be a catalyst for a healthier and more transparent future. We want to inspire change in personal and local food systems by educating and empowering individuals, leading to exponential accessibility and advancement. No matter the motivation, from healthy living to homesteading, we can use ancient skills to adapt to modern issues, create self-reliance, and cultivate a vibrant future.

Our Values

California Farm and Garden is proud of our integrity, honesty, and transparency. Providing avenues for personal excellence and growth within our extended family drives our passion and hard work, yet our most valuable resource and competitive advantage is our team. Our pursuit is to attract and keep the best by investing in a culture that fosters passion, excitement, and achievement. We believe curiosity is contagious, and we enjoy the challenges associated with new obstacles and information. Our clients can be assured of the highest quality work in their prolific gardens and orchards.