Restaurant Gardens

California Farm and Garden is working with Southern Californian restaurants to bring a whole new meaning to “local produce” with on-site edible gardens. There’s nothing better than harvesting herbs, fruits and vegetables just steps from where your guests sit. Making a fresh impression just got a whole lot easier.

Restaurant Garden Benefits

Tastes and preferences of today’s foodie generation are much different than those of old. A great location, unique atmosphere and delicious food are no longer enough. Restaurant goers want their food to be healthful and fresh. They’re interested in the slow food movement, the origin, and sustainability of what’s on their plate.

With a garden at your business, the food origin story will be quick- just point across the patio! A chef-inspired restaurant garden can supplement your menu while providing a unique experience for your guests. Freshness and taste are unparalleled when your preferred varieties of tomatoes, kale, and strawberries make the short journey from raised bed to kitchen to plate. Meanwhile, the edible garden amplifies your beautiful, colorful and peaceful atmosphere.

Show your support for sustainability with a restaurant garden that combats food waste. You can harvest what you want when you’re ready (preventing excess) and your team can create a productive waste cycle by composting food scraps back into the garden. Surplus harvests can be canned and pickled.

What We Do

From hanging herb planters to potted fruit trees and urban farms, California Farm and Garden has the experience and flexibility to find a productive and attractive solution for your eatery. Find our work at a number of San Diego’s restaurants like the Green Acre and Parakeet Café restaurants in La Jolla, TOAST Café in Carmel Valley, and more! California Farm and Garden can:

Design: Create an edible garden that complements your restaurant’s atmosphere.

Build & Install: Configure raised beds, vertical garden towers, walls and more!

Regularly Maintain: Care for your edible garden and orchard to maximize health, productivity, and beauty.

Refresh: Ensure your kitchen always has fresh, seasonal herbs and produce.

Compost: Maintain an on-site, organic composting system, fully customized by you.

Coach: Provide your chefs and staff with the education needed to provide supplemental garden care like harvesting, and fun facts to share with customers.

Culinary Garden Certification: Guide you through the necessary paperwork with your local county to officially certify your garden.

Edible plants, flowers, shrubs, vines, and trees installed and maintained by California Farm and Garden are cared for using organic methods. We use OMRI-certified products for the safety of your food and guests. Regular communication with the kitchen ensures our technicians plant the varieties and quantities you prefer, while promoting creativity and a positive customer experience.