October 2016 Newsletter

up-beet-pumpkin “We all write to the Great Pumpkin & tell him what we want for Halloween.” -Linus, Peanuts

California Farm and Garden News

img_9752 We here at California Farm and Garden are both sad and excited to announce that our fearless leader and founder Karen Contreras is retiring. She seeks new land and opportunities in Oregon and we wish her the best. A few words here from Karen:   “I have enjoyed worked with you over the past several years, and I truly appreciate your business and the support you have shown to our company. It is with great pride and confidence that I announce the new owners of California Farm and Garden, [former head farmer and operations manager, respectively] Paige Hailey and Mat Roman!   “I have complete faith that these two young people, and all of the staff at California Farm and Garden, will continue to provide you with the excellent level of service and quality of workmanship that you have come to enjoy during your relationship with our company.   As I embark on my new adventure I am thankful for the knowledge that California Farm and Garden will continue to grow and remain dedicated to supporting our community by helping people grow fresh, organic produce in beautiful, healthy gardens all over San Diego and Orange counties.” You can read more of Karen’s farewell letter here.

What’s Fresh

Circle of Herbs What to do with a flush of herbs? We’ve been harvesting fistfuls of parsley, heaps of basil, and oodles of oregano. If you’re “over” hanging and drying herbs, consider freezing them in oil or mashing them into butter. And here are some inspired recipes to take care of the rest:

Pumpkin Spice Mix

  Scale this mix to add to bread, pies, mead, lattes, whatever your autumnal-inspired heart desires!
  • 10 tsp ground cinammon
  • 2 tsp ground ginger
  • 2 tsp ground nutmeg
  • 1 tsp ground all-spice
  • 1 dash cloves

October Garden To-Do List

  • Sow onion seeds and sweet pea seeds (and set up a trellis for the latter)
  • Once the weather is consistently 70-75′, plant brassicas and lettuce and cilantro and dill- all the fun cool-season crops!
  • Harvest those sweet potatoes.
  • Plant native plants.
  • Keep an eye on irrigation as we experience both hot and cold weather.
  • Sow bulbs suited to Southern California.

Know Your Farmer Paige Who: Farmer & Co-Owner Paige   First Experience Gardening: During college she started a veggie garden in old tires from a tire shop.   Biggest Garden Goof: Accidentally spilling blue tree inoculant on a customer’s driveway or the time she grew way too many turnips and had to eat turnips for months. Turnip burgers have their charm!   Latest Jam: “Lost on You” by LP.   Happy Place: Sunset Cliffs or the Sierra foothills.   What you’re cooking lately: Lots and lots of summer squash.   “Spirit” Vegetable: Shishito pepper.

Coming Up

Taste of North Park   Saturday, October 15th 11am-3pm   “Sample food from over 50 restaurants and sip craft beer from 15 local breweries. Come and see the neighborhood that everyone is talking about.”   Come hang out in North Park!   Tickets can be bought here.

International News

This past month, German chemical company Bayer bid to purchase Monsanto for $66 billion US dollars. If approved, this will create the world’s largest pesticide company. Bayer is over 150 years old, famed for its invention of aspirin, trademarking of heroin, and involvement in World War II after its merger into IG Farben. Like Monsanto, Bayer’s BayerCropScience subsidiary creates GMO crops and pesticides. Research and read before you buy!
baby-cucumber At the center of this photo is a teeny cucumber. This vining, healthy plant will use water, soil nutrients, and sunlight to grow the cuke to full size. Nature sure is wondrous!