November 2015: Pumpkin Pie, and Combating Food Waste!

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Here is our highly-anticipated showcase video!It highlights the fruits of our labor and explains why what we do is important. See our beautiful, organic farms that sustainably feed restaurants and cafes.

What’s Fresh:

Farmers at UP are sowing the cool season crops:
peas, carrots, cabbages, kales and lettuce. Expect epic salads in the upcoming months as we enjoy the mild San Diego winter.

Also on our November agendas: pruning perennial herbs (like rosemary and sage), planting more garlic and onions, wildflowers and native plants.

Turn the pumpkin on your front step into a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner:

How to make pumpkin puree and a recipe for Silky Smooth Pumpkin Pie.

If pumpkin isn’t your thing, here’s a stellar Sweet Potato Pie recipe..

National News: Combating Food Waste!

According to the USDA in 2014, 14% of households were food insecure, meaning they did not have “consistent access throughout the year to adequate food.”

Another stirring truth: 40% of food in America goes to landfills, including completely edible but ugly produce thrown out by farmers and supermarkets. A lot of food is also wasted by us, the consumers! Here are the 4 main reasons.

Throughout November on social media, California Farm and Garden will be discussing ways to combat food waste & how to better manage disposal. Look for the culminating blog post on our website coming soon..

Did You Know?

Victory gardens were encouraged by the US government during WWII to prevent food shortages and to supplement food rationing.

By 1944, victory gardens produced 40% of American vegetables in over 20 million gardens. City folks grew food in window boxes and on roofs, while schools grew food on campus for lunches. This kind of proactive community agriculture is desperately needed today, and thankfully making a comeback!

California News:

If you’d like to help your community this holiday season, food pantries often need donations and/or volunteers. Food donations can be made at any of these locations.

The San Diego Food Bank distributes food at 183 sites and to 350 nonprofits like food pantries and senior living facilities. Their website features a search by zip code if you need food or want to find organizations near you.

We’d like to highlight a specific non-profit in San Diego. Mama’s Kitchen delivers 3 daily meals and offers nutrition education to adults and children living with AIDS or cancer. Often, people in need are housebound or otherwise unable to get to food distribution sites- Mama’s Kitchen takes care of these folks and their children. Volunteer and donate here!

Coming Up:

Saturday, November 7th

Come celebrate soil at Wild Willow Farm, Suzie’s Farm and the Tijuana Valley Community Garden! Take a tour of a beehive, attend a free workshop and enjoy delicious food truck yummies. Directions and schedule can be found on the event website.

“Experience the key role soils play in our daily lives!”