March 2017 Newsletter


“Love one another, make something with your hands, and exalt the farmer.” – Nick Offerman

Environmental Update:

Rain on Kohlrabi

The Drought Is Not Over:

While the label of “exceptional drought” has been lifted according to the Pacific Institute’s California Drought Response Team, we are far from achieving water security, and there are far too many factors involved to allow ourselves to revert back to a careless level of water consumption. 

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of the word drought is “a period of dryness especially when prolonged.” We believe that this definition leaves out an important point: that the drought is also impacted by the imbalance we as a society create between the amount of precipitation we receive and the amount of water we consume. 

California has greatly reduced water use within recent years, however there is irreversible damage that has been caused not only by years of low precipitation, but also a history of carelessness on our part. This Mercury New in-depth article outlines the devastation experienced in the Sierra forests, the snow pack depletion that leaves us uncertain of future reservoir levels and has further endangered the salmon population, and our use of groundwater that continually exceeds natural replenishment. 

We must change the way we look at our situation. This is not just a temporary crisis. Quite the opposite – we are facing more unusual weather patterns in an already hot semi-arid climate region. Permanently altering our water consumption and use is the only chance we have to achieve a more water balanced future.Contact us to learn how we can help you be water-wise in your gardening and water conservation efforts.

What’s Fresh:

03.19.14 - Beets

“FACT: People love beets.” – Dwight Schrute

The ancient Greeks began cultivating beets in 300 B.C., but they only ate the leaves!

Only the leaves?!

We love that beets can be enjoyed from root to leaf! Nothing goes to waste, which reduces grocery bills and landfill emissions – good for us and good for the earth! We’ve written more on the topic here.

This comprehensive guide of the best beet tips around will dig up new inspiration toward the root that’s bursting out of our gardens this month.

Garden Tips:


March’s Garden To-Do List:

Winter is over, and spring has arrived! Pick out your summer fruits and vegetables now. Some great things to plant include:

  • Artichokes
  • Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Green beans

Spend some time in your garden, your dedication now will pay off in the warmer months.

Let your California Farm and Garden farmer know if you’d like avocados and citrus; March is the perfect time to put trees in the ground so they can establish before the cooler months of fall!