June 2016: Herb & Wood, Organic Waste Bill, Arugula

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“The breath of plants gives life to animals & the breath of animals gives life to plants…it’s the great poem of give and take that animates the world.”
-Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass

Herb and Woods Little Italy

California Farm and Garden is proud to announce their recent involvement with Chris Puffer and Brian Malarkey’s latest restaurant: Herb and Wood!

This upscale eatery nestled in Little Italy features “Cali-Mediterranean” fare, an outdoor patio dining room, and in-house baked bread.
UP contributions include potted herbs, citrus trees, a passionfruit vine wall, and a shelf of greenery using a wooden canoe as a planter.

You can find Herb & Wood at 2210 Kettner Blvd. It’s open Tuesday through Sunday from 4:30pm-10pm(11pm on Fri& Sat). To make a reservation, call 619-955-8495 or use OpenTable online.

Herb and Wood

June 2016 Arugula

June 2016 CA News

Turning Garbage into Organic Waste

Starting April 1st 2016, Bill AB1826 requires businesses that generate 8+ cubic yards of waste weekly must have green recycling services. This decreases to 4 cubic yards/week on January 1st 2017, meaning that more businesses will be required compost or pay for green waste disposal.
Redirecting organic waste to a composting system will reduce the environmentally-harmful methane emissions. “Organic waste” includes food waste, landscaping green waste, and paper products.

To quote the Solana Center, “About a third of the waste we create and send to the landfills could readily be composted. In doing so, we could reduce greenhouse gas production, diminish landfill impacts, creating a wonderful soil amendment in support of our state’s agriculture, and create jobs!”

June 2016 Garden Tips

June Checklist:

  • Fight powdery mildew by avoiding watering on plant leaves and washing affected leaves with diluted soap water.
  • Address pests on citrus trees, such as aphids and sooty mold.
  • Mulch to maintain moisture.
  • Consider increasing irrigation duration to address rising temperatures.
  • Continue to remove suckers on tomatoes in order to maintain good airflow.
  • Stop watering onions to direct energy into bulbs. Harvest when the tops have fallen over.
  • Thin your seedlings using scissors instead of pulling up seedlings; pulling would disturb the roots of the remaining seedlings. Create space around the strongest seedlings so they have room to grow big and strong.
  • Grow flowers to attract pollinators to your fruiting plants like tomatoes, squashes, and melons. Fruit won’t grow without insect help!

Coming Up:

June 2016 Coming Up

June 2016 Newsletter Herb Wood Canoe

Can you spot our canoe planter at Herb and Wood? Find it in the patio seating area when you visit!