July 2016: UP Fresh Start, Drought Update, & Tomatoes

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“To waste and exhaust the land instead of using it to increase its usefulness will result in undermining,in the days of our children, the very prosperity which we ought to hand down to them amplified and developed.” -Theodore Roosevelt

California Farm and Garden News:

California Farm and Garden New Website

Two exciting news items: California Farm and Garden has a new office location* in North Park and a new website!

Our website features a fresh, crisp design that shows off our beautiful gardens and harvests. New items include a series of “case studies“, a “fill in the blank” contact prompt form, and galleries highlighting UP gardens at restaurants, corporate campuses,residences, etc.

Our new office will give us room to grow so we can continue to provide our clients stellar service! We’re excited to expand our nursery to cultivate a front-yard display garden with native plants and raised-bed edibles.

*Please note that our mailing address remains at 2358 University Ave. #1877, San Diego 92104. Our new office is at 3376 30th St. Come say hello if you’re in North Park!

July 2016 What's Fresh

California News:

California Drought Annually

This Drought Is Far From Over…

So why are Californians relaxing their water restrictions? Recently Governor Brown announced a plan to abandon mandatory water restrictions in urban areas, shunting the responsibility instead to the cities and water districts. Communities have responded by loosening restrictions.

Here is a piece from WBUR on how the drought is far from over. NASA scientist Jay Famiglietti weighs in.LA Times reporter George Skelton rails against the big agriculture industry’s water usage, and California’s lack of enforcement of drought restrictions. Our own research confirms that using your yard for a garden instead of a lawn will save you money and water.

According the Brown’s administration, “the targets and methodologies of local agencies, along with their water use, will be posted monthly on the state water board’s website.” Will this kind of transparency encourage vigorous water conservation? Will Northern California eventually shoulder the burden of the more extreme Southern Californian drought? Are California-based bottled water companies helping or hindering the drought? All issues are up for debate.

July 2016 Coming Up

Garden Tips:

July Garden To-Do List

  • Earworm on your early corn ears? Apply BT as soon as the silk appears, and then every few days after.
  • Water your native plants only once every 3 weeks.
  • As always, mulch to maintain moisture. Consider increasing irrigation duration to address rising temperatures.
  • Feed your vegetable plants. They’ve been working hard and likely need a fresh dose of nitrogen. Use an organic fertilizer!
  • Tomato troubleshooting from San Diego Master Gardeners.

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Keep the Hives Alive

Keep Hives Alive is an environmentalist activist group charged with fighting for the health of our precious native and honeybees.

On June 22nd, they delivered a petition to the EPA containing 4.8 million signatures demanding stronger pesticide regulation. They also delivered buckets containing a ghastly 2.6 million dead bees, victims of habitat loss, disease, and pesticides. This loss merely represents 75 hives. Considering that bees are now dying faster than they can regenerate, this is a small sample of the national natural disaster.

The Obama administration announced plans to help the bees in May of 2015, but this plan ignored the widespread use of neonicotinoids, a known bee killer. If you’d like to see join the Keep Hives Alive movement, learn more here.

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California Farm and Garden’ new digs. Still unpacking and fixing things up!