January 2016: 2015 in Review & Garden Checklist

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2015 In Review

  • California Farm and Garden installed a farm at a Qualcomm campus. Later additions included fruit trees and a full-scale herb bed garden. Today, fresh organic harvests supply the Qualcomm cafeterias.
  • Our annual statistics: 100+ trees planted and 15,000+ pounds of produce at our farms

This past year was full of harvests, valuable lessons, and new friends. Thank you for your support, patronage, and readership!

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December finds us picking a plethora of vitamin-packed greens! Recent harvests include kale, lettuce, bok choi, arugula, spinach, mustard greens and chard. Our broccolis, peas and brussels sprouts are growing like mad.

Dark leafy greens give us important minerals, vitamins C and K and calcium. Some contain carotenoids, fiber and folate that each stop cancerous growth (source). It’s suggested adults should get 2 cups of dark leafy greens per week. Try tossing spinach and massaged kale into your usual salad. Or brave the oven and try the kale chips everyone’s always bragging about. Eating your vitamins can be delicious! .

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January Garden Checklist

[  ]  Add with organic fertilizer or compost to your plants to boost winter growth.

[  ]  Continually harvest leafy greens and cabbage family like cauliflower and brussels sprouts. Pick the cauliflower when the buds are full but before they’re open. [  ]  Plant lettuce, with transplants or seeds. Lettuce seeds germinate quicker during cooler weather. [  ]  Keep an eye out for white moth cabbage loopers. Before cocooning into moths, these caterpillars will mow down your broccoli and kale.

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Our industry uniquely involves education, local to global scale, and social and environmental responsibilities. California Farm and Garden supports local organizations that hold similar values and focus on the community aspects of farming and food.

We’re proud to say we donated to Slow Food USA in 2015. This organization focuses on educational outreach, supporting farmers and restaurants, endangered foods, sustainability and general public outreach. A recent Slow Foods Urban San Diego event celebrated local fishermen and the “Pacific to Plate” bill AB226. Cheers to Slow Food- we’re happy to support them as they help us all pursue sustainable, fair food for all.

Why Install a Garden in 2016?

If your New Year’s Resolution is eating healthy, consider a garden! There are many ways to eat well: fresh, local food, more nutrient-packed vegetables, non-processed food and/or mindful cooking. Farmers markets connect us to local farmers but a backyard garden connects you directly to the food.

Play in the dirt = feel good! Some lesser known advantages of growing your own food are the health and stress benefits. Research at the University of Colorado Boulder found that working in a garden and reconnecting with dirt microorganisms acts as an anti-depressant.

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Seed Saving Webinar – Seed Saving Hacked: Why Seeds Matter, Why Saving Them is Easy & How to Save Your Own.

January 19th, 2016 5:00pm – 7:00 pm PT Presented by Bill McDorman & Belle Starr of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance. Registration required.

Solana Center Free Composting Workshop

January 30, 2016 10am12pm PT Water Conservation Garden 12122 Cuyamaca College Drive West El Cajon, CA 92019

Peas, Love and Happy New Year from California Farm and Garden!