Residential Gardens

California Farm and Garden is Southern California’s leader in design, installation, and maintenance of edible gardens and orchards for homeowners. From the juiciest peach to the spiciest pepper, we take care to provide you the freshest, most delicious, organic produce possible.

Why Have an Edible Garden?

Today, people are rediscovering and championing local fruits and vegetables. While neighborhood farms, farmers’ markets, and agrihoods have acted as a catalyst for this change, conscientious eaters can connect with food even further by installing an urban garden at home. You can harvest your own ripe, organic produce and eliminate all the unknowns of supermarket vegetables: the exchange of countless hands, the unknown travel and refrigeration time, the carbon footprint due to transportation.

With a garden in your yard or patio, you have peace of mind knowing how and where it was grown. Well-maintained home gardens are both sustainable and water conscious! Succession planting and seasonal transitions ensure you can harvest what you want when you’re ready, which limits food waste. Regenerative agriculture is the practice of cultivating sustainably nutritious soil using mulching, composting, biodiversity, no-till farming; this maximizes growing potential and sequesters greenhouse carbon.

Edible gardens use, on average, 75% less water than a lawn and fully comply with all California watering regulations. Consider turning your grass into groceries! An edible garden right outside your kitchen door gives you control, intimate knowledge of your food, and peace of mind. Learn how our gardens can even help you produce your own honey! Additionally, an increasing number of studies are proving the mental and physical health benefits of owning your own garden. And, don’t forget just how gorgeous home gardens can be! Click here to request more information, and work with our experts to build your dream garden.


What We Do

California Farm and Garden handles all the dirty work so you can effortlessly reap what we sow. From a raised-bed Victory Garden to an orchard and everything in between, we can make your dream garden a reality! California Farm and Garden can:

Design: Create a custom design that is both functional and beautiful.

Build & Install: Construct raised beds, irrigation, compost bins, sheds, chicken coops and more!

Regularly Maintain: Care of your edible garden and orchard to promote health and productivity centered around your preferences.

Refresh: Transform tired gardens back to full freshness and beauty.

Compost: Create, modify, or maintain a customized, organic composting experience – complete with education.

Coach: Teach you  how to harvest and tend to your own garden alongside our technicians!

Gardens managed by California Farm and Garden are organically cared for, from pest control to soil composition. Because your family’s tastes are unique, our technicians communicate regularly and only plant produce you want to eat. We provide and care for all types of edible and food-bearing plants, flowers, shrubs, vines, and trees with your preferences in mind. 

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