Health and Education

California Farm and Garden integrates edible gardens into health and education centers across Southern California as an effective means of education, exercise, and general health. Give your students the opportunity to witness the journey from seed to carrot, or provide residents and staff fresh fruit and vegetable options in the cafeteria. Let’s shift unproductive landscapes to invigorating community spaces.

Why Have an Edible Garden?

Medical and psychological research touts the health benefits of edible gardens high above the old food pyramid model. Neighborhoods using a newly emerging agrihood approach are beginning to prioritize sustainable agriculture as the centerpiece of a more evolved, connected, and fulfilled life. It’s increasingly clear that a garden can have a positive affect, directly or indirectly, on people from all walks of life.

Adults with gardeners in their family are 1 ½ times more likely to eat fruits and vegetables, according to a Michigan State University report. These adults are also 3 ½ times more likely to eat veggies 5x per day. Even more surprising: The British Journal of Medicine found that “…regular gardening…can cut the risk of heart attack or stroke, and prolong life by as much as 30% among the 60-plus age group.” Passive exposure to nearby green spaces can reduce unhealthy cravings. Schools and facilities such as rehab centers benefit especially from installing and maintaining an urban farm.

Gardening is an extracurricular activity that requires focus, discipline, patience, and creativity. It is a catalyst for team-building and growth, from learning the business of selling produce for your school, to concocting innovative recipes with the day’s harvest. Our farms can even teach the crucial role of pollinators in agriculture and produce honey onsite.

Hospitals and retirement homes reap rewards as well. Iowa State University reinforces long-held beliefs that gardening provides a range of physical motions that can influence endurance, resistance, flexibility, and strength. A Deakin University study goes a step further by proving that post-surgery hospital patients surrounded by gardens recovered faster with fewer complications, both physically and mentally.

An on-site edible garden at your health or education center will offer the perfect blend of functionality and atmosphere. It uses 66% less water than grass and will help show your support for sustainability and “going green.”

What We Do

California Farm and Garden provides a range of services to accommodate your sanctuary’s vision, space, and budget. We believe the impact of a patio herb garden or urban farm and orchard is extraordinarily beneficial to both the facility and those who work, live, and frequent the site. California Farm and Garden can:

Design: Create an edible garden that complements your facility’s mission.

Build & Install: Configure raised beds (ADA-dimensions upon request), orchards, and more.

Regularly Maintain: Care for your edible garden and orchard to maximize health, productivity, and beauty.

Refresh: Ensure your kitchen always has fresh, seasonal herbs and produce.

Compost: Maintain an on-site, organic composting system, fully customized by you.

Coach: Conduct classes, answer questions, and provide fun facts!

Culinary Garden Certification: Guide you through the necessary paperwork with your local county to officially certify your garden.

Let California Farm and Garden show you the full potential and influence of a fruit and vegetable garden. Our trained technicians make gardening care and education a fun activity for all age groups.