February 2017 Newsletter

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“Bees do have a smell, you know, and if they don’t they should,
for their feet are dusted with spices from a million flowers.”                          – Ray Bradbury

California Farm and Garden News

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Save the bees, if you please!

Please join California Farm and Garden in registering your residential or commercial garden in The Million Pollinator Garden Challenge.  The threat of losing our bees and other pollinators is real, and to help we are proud to have registered the pollinator garden at our home office on this national registry.

Even the smallest container garden of California natives can encourage the populations of the earth’s hardest workers!  

Big things to come!

Come visit our North Park office over the summer!  We are in the beginning stages of planning an urban farm in our front yard as an example of our organic edible landscape practices!  You don’t need a spacious backyard to grow food, just a bit of dirt!
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What’s Fresh


What do I do with all of this parsley!?

This humble herb wants so much more than to be just a sprig; let it shine in one of these vibrant recipes from around the world!

Argentina Chimichirri

The Mediterranean Shrimp Orzo Soup

Italy Gremolata 5 Ways

Lebanon Fattoush Salad

February Garden To-Do List


February Garden To-Do List

We love the rain! Our gardens and farms haven’t been this lush in a long time, and this isn’t just because of the drought.  Rainwater has three significant benefits:
  • During thunderstorms, rain brings nitrogen into the soil
  • The rain water flushes damaging salt from the soil
  • Rain storms wash dust from leaves, aiding in photosynthesis
It’s important to investigate all areas of your garden, including containers, for proper drainage.  The rain is so beneficial but flooding is not!
Don’t let the rain fool you – water conservation is a way of life in California’s arid climates. California Farm and Garden can help you save water, click to read more!

In addition, the City of San Diego offers valuable rebates to assist in the effort.  Make the change today and stay a step ahead!


Who:  Lauren

First Experience Gardening:
I built a raised bed garden with my dad when I was 12 years old.
Biggest Garden Goof:
I was propagating summer squash and melon and forgot to label the baby plants, which both look very similar. We had to wait for them to grow before we knew which was which!
Latest Jam:
I love apricot jam… but I’m listening to The Devil Makes Three on repeat.
Happy Place:
Hiking Torrey Pines after a California burrito from Roberto’s in Carmel Valley.
Cooking Lately: Fish tacos with cabbage slaw.

“Spirit” Vegetable: French sorrel (Rumex acetosa).
* In addition, Lauren is a blogger and world traveler!  We are lucky to have her on our team and are thrilled to share her stories, recipes, and adventures with you!

February 4th, 2017 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

A family-friendly event with a makers market, fermented adult beverages, food, live music, keynote speakers, and more!

$25 General Admission $39 Admission & 21+ Garden

San Diego Museum Month

Half off admission all month long at participating museums – click link above for all details!