Virtual Garden Assistance

Our mission at California Farm and Garden can be summed up pretty easily: we’re in the business of helping individuals and businesses take control of their access to food. In the midst of an unprecedented situation like the current COVID-19 pandemic, we feel more dedicated than ever to ensuring our neighbors have healthy, sustainable food on their tables.

Unfortunately, the details and logistics of the COVID-19 situation make it difficult for us to access each and every client. So, we wanted to offer the next best thing. Let us be your virtual gardeners!

A great place to start is our website. You’ll find a ton of great information and best practices for your garden. This guide to warm weather crops will be especially helpful as you look to transition your gardens for the new season.

Need a little more direct help? We get it, and we’re here for you. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will temporarily be offering limited, remote, and totally free gardening assistance to our Southern California neighbors. Simply submit your edible garden question below, including details and photos if possible, and one of our in-house experts will get back to you with suggestions and advice.

Now, we’ll be honest, it’s pretty tough to diagnose issues remotely which is why we usually don’t offer this type of service. We would prefer to review any issues in person, but until we can start scheduling consultations again and get our hands back in soil, we’ll do our absolute best! This does mean that California Farm and Garden does not take any responsibility or liability for actions taken and/or results of this virtual advice.

Let’s get to it! We’re here to help.

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Who is California Farm and Garden?

California Farm and Garden designs, installs, and maintains edible gardens for urban environments. Whether you’re looking to grocery shop in your backyard garden, a restaurant eager to source your own produce, or a corporate campus seeking to improve sustainability and employee morale through the installation of a gorgeous edible garden, we’re here for you. Work with our team of edible gardening experts to create a beautiful, bountiful space. We specialize in vegetable gardens and fruit orchards for San Diego and Orange County climates. Grow with us!