Corporate Gardens

California Farm and Garden is partnering with businesses in Southern California to create the most unique, versatile, and green wellness amenity a corporate campus can offer: an edible garden. From a multi-use marketing juggernaut to a Zen workspace with WiFi, these urban farms will let you grow above the competition.

Benefits of a Corporate Campus Garden

Elaborate landscapes and cafeterias are a regular part of corporate wellness amenity designs, but today’s generation is demanding more. Increasing health and environmental consciousness is drastically influencing the design world. An edible garden on your corporate campus supplies local, organic, chef-driven produce straight to your cafeterias and those who demand it most. Your farm can also produce organic honey for your cafes and kitchens. 

Looking for ways to entice employees to return to the office after a long work-from-home stint during COVID-19? Media outlets like The Guardian, Boston Globe, and the Wall Street Journal are all citing new studies and statistics showing a massive spike in home gardening during the pandemic. Installing an urban farm (or even a cooperative garden space) for employees on your campus would allow them to continue to participate in their newfound hobby!

The garden can be a flexible space used by employees and event coordinators alike. Install a grape-covered pergola retreat for shade, or hide WiFi in redwood raised beds. Roll a white board onto the patio for an outdoor meeting, or conduct a team-building gardening activity. Consider the urban farm atmosphere as an investment in your most valuable assets: your employees. The health and well-being of each employee directly correlates to efficiency and productivity. In fact, Australia’s Deakin University conducted an extensive study that found that people surrounded by nature are healthier overall, and have increased levels of satisfaction with their jobs. Communing with nature lowers levels of stress and anxiety. People score better on tests, heal faster, and get ill less often. Show your support for going green!

An on-site edible garden reduces carbon emissions by both sequestering carbon already in the air and releasing fewer greenhouse gasses than food delivered to your kitchen each week. Urban gardens use 75% less water than grass, can help you with LEED Certification, and are mandatory for certification by the International Living Future Institute.

What We Do

California Farm and Garden installs and maintains edible gardens on corporate campuses, from rooftop herb boxes to multi-acre farms and orchards. Our team provides the experience and intimate knowledge needed to ensure your campus garden is not only stunning, but useful and rewarding as well. California Farm and Garden can:

Design: Rejuvenate the corporate campus with a unique space that is beautiful, productive, and functional.

Build & Install: Construct raised beds, trellises, pergolas, composting systems, and more. We strive to create an invigorating community space.

Maintain: Care for your crops while working closely with your chefs. This includes crop rotation, planting, harvesting, and a constant production of vegetables. Harvest can be distributed to employees, delivered to corporate cafeterias, or donated to local food banks.

Refresh: Transform tired gardens into lush greens, and provide your kitchen with fresh seasonal herbs and produce.

Compost: Maintain an on-site, organic composting system, fully customized by you.

Educate: Conduct classes for your employees and answer questions from passersby. We can serve as the face of the garden at events and are happy to promote your corporate garden on social media.

Log Statistics: Track harvest numbers, water usage, and costs. We supply as much information as you’re interested in.

Culinary Garden Certification: Guide you through the necessary paperwork with your local county to officially certify your garden.

We will turn your prospective or current space into a food-bearing focal point to be proud of. Our flexibility makes it easy to accommodate the size and budget of your company while performing the highest quality work. All California Farm and Garden gardens are cared for organically, and our regular communication with your staff make planning straightforward and exciting.