Water Conservation
California Drought Resource Page

The severity of California’s “megadrought” is once again peaking in 2022.  News outlets like the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and CNN are all reporting on the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s plan to enforce mandatory conservation through the year. Rest assured, California Farm and Garden uses drought-tolerant drip irrigation to supply water to all edible plants!

The drought resources below are here to help Southern California gardeners with the California drought.  There are several articles we’ve written on water conservation, the statistics of efficiency, and the latest California restrictions:

Edible Gardens vs. Lawns: “How much water are you saving?  A fruit and vegetable garden uses roughly 75% less water than grass!  For that 1,000 square foot yard, an edible garden could save you hundreds of dollars in water bills.”

Turf Rebate Programs: Homeowners and corporations can both take advantage of turf removal and water conscious landscaping rebates!

Edible Gardens in the California Drought: “How do we maintain a lush fruit and vegetable garden with water conservation in mind?”

Food Waste and Hunger: The American food system and consumers throw out enough food to waste 25% of our nation’s fresh water.