Alexandria Real Estate Corporate Farms

Case Study:

Green Acre Chef Garden


Alexandria Real Estate is home to multiple California Farm and Garden corporate farms and gardens in the La Jolla, UTC, and Sorrento Valley areas of San Diego, California. On the Campus Pointe campus, weekly harvests from the farm go to the Green Acre Restaurant and straight to tenants on-site via a farmer’s market.  Tenants working on the Nautilus and Sorrento Valley campuses get weekly harvest basket deliveries straight into the offices, while the Nautilus farm also delivers produce to the Farmer & The Seahorse restaurant.  These properties showcase the beautiful symbiosis between farmers and the modern day corporate landscape.

California Farm and Garden regularly maintains the gardens with farmers on-site multiple times per week. From seasonal transitions to weekly harvesting, California Farm and Garden caters each property specifically to classic favorites and the kitchen’s requests, preferences, and plans. Meeting with the chefs before each new season provides ample opportunity for creativity and growing a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and even edible flowers.


Corporate Restaurant Garden


These urban farms were designed and installed with a mix of raised beds and in-ground beds. This allows the team to create productive spaces that are also quite beautiful using ecologically conscious natives, pollinators, and companion planting. These methods attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other beneficial creatures to the garden. Any products used on the farms to fight off pests and diseases or amend the soil are certified organic. Installing owl boxes nearby has also mitigated pest issues.

Since their inceptions, collectively these properties have produced over 90,000 pounds of fresh, organic produce! Each week, the farmers hand pick and deliver the freshly harvest fruits, vegetables, and herbs straight to the kitchens and tenants. You can’t get more local than that! There are also active composting systems on both sites to close the loop, using food scraps from the kitchen to make high quality compost. This compost goes straight back into the garden to help grow a new era of edibles.

The Campus Pointe farm hosts a number of fruiting trees and vines including citrus, stone fruit, dragon fruit, passion vines, and guavas. There are even mature grape vines growing on a pergola overlooking San Diego’s beautiful rolling hills and canyons. The in-ground growing space provides ample space for larger crops like corn and pumpkins each year, and the chefs are always pleased with the root crops grown in the raised beds.


Corporate Restaurant Garden


The Nautilus garden sits hidden in a corporate courtyard as a wellness amenity with lounge chairs, barbecues, and a mini soccer field directly in front of the Parakeet Café. Decorative olive trees provide shade to lunch goers on the patio, while grape and passion vines encompass the garden. The mainly raised bed farm is the perfect multi-use event space. It is frequently host to parties and events for the surrounding businesses and tenants.

California Farm and Garden regularly leads classes, tours, and other events at both locations as part of its maintenance services. “How To Plant A Spring Garden” and “Planting a Cocktail Garden” are two examples of highly popular classes, and tours for the San Diego Master Gardener’s Association and local elementary schools are frequently given.

Importantly, employees who work on-site also get to take advantage of the gardens. Impromptu meetings, lunch breaks in the shade, and even working on computers using WiFi are common sites in these gardens. And of course, California Farm and Garden farmers are always happy to answer questions from passersby!  Check out other ways Alexandria is enjoying the farms by following Alexandria on Instagram!