Urban Plantations is now...

Same ownership and expert team, updated name!
We look forward to serving you as California Farm and Garden.

  • <a href="urbanplantations.com/home-gardens">California Farm and Garden is Southern California’s leader in design, installation, and maintenance of edible gardens and orchards for homeowners.</a>
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A raised bed full of organic veggies is the new pot of gold! 🌈⠀
Thanks for this snap from one of our corporate gardens, Farmer Ted 📸

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Here's to another year of growth: in the #garden, in our communities, and in ourselves. These sprouts are ready for 2021, and so are we! ...

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Dressed to Kale!⠀

Forgive us the pun, it's been a long year. We're just admiring our #wintergreen harvest! Kale Garden Tip: When harvesting kale, pull don't cut!

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Are you all in on #broccolini, or a bigger fan of the spicier #broccoliraab, pictured here? Little known fact about this #wintercrop, Broccoli Raab isn't actually broccoli! It's considered a #wintergreen, and more closely related to the #turnip.⠀

Drop your favorite "broccoli" variety below!

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Mother Nature showing off with this gorgeous color! #Redcabbage is a #wintergarden staple, delicious and chocked full of vitamin K, fiber, and more. What's your favorite way to prep red cabbage? ...

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This recent install by our team really kicks "make the most of the space you have" up a notch! You can catch us daydreaming about this edible and drought-resistant #garden for the foreseeable future. 🤩 ...

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It may be #Fridaythe13th, but there's no superstition to be found here. Just a sweet furry visitor to a healthy #ediblegarden...does it get any better? ...

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Garden Tip Tuesday!⠀
Some of your standard cold weather #veggies grow on the slower side (we're looking at you #brassicas!). Bring some life to your #ediblegarden while you wait with quick growers like delicious #arugula. Great for salads and pizza topping alike, arugula is one of our favorite garden staples!

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Planting #peas this season? Remember, they like to grow up ⬆️ ⠀

Peas are natural climbers, and a #trellis gives them an easy way to grow strong, healthy, and skyward. Forgo a trellis and you may find your peas climbing a nearby plant!

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The #beet fact you didn't know you needed for your #wintergarden: each seed contains 2-4 beets, so make sure to space them out as you plant, and leave room for all of that growth.⠀

Pictured here are some baby golden and red beets. How would you cook them?

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#HappyHalloween! We're celebrating with a handful of creepy crawlers--but no trick here, these worms are a real treat for the soil in your #ediblegarden 🐛 ...

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We've got some big news to share with our #gardening community!⠀

We are thrilled to announce that Urban Plantations is now California Farm and Garden! Same company, same amazing staff, and same commitment to sustainable and organic gardening...under a brand new name.⠀

We are so grateful you’re part of our community, and we look forward to growing with you as California Farm and Garden.

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Anyone in the mood for sunny-side up eggs? 😜⠀

Our Matilija Poppy, or “fried egg plant”, just bloomed at the UP office, and we couldn’t be more excited. This awesome SoCal #perennial has the largest #flower of any CA #nativeplant, and is a great addition to your landscaping. Once established, this plant will no longer need irrigation, and will simply live off of rainwater, offering you gorgeous blooms resembling fried eggs when active, and giving back by nourishing local wildlife when dormant.

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Surprised to see these #wintersquashes on your screen? Summer and winter squashes are actually both planted in #spring! “Winter” squashes get their misnomer because they take longer to grow, are #harvested late in the summer season or early fall, and have a much longer shelf life with their thick skins. If you want to enjoy #pumpkins and delicious squashes this fall, get those seeds in the ground ASAP! ...

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#Lavender is a garden gift that keeps on giving! These gorgeous buds attract #pollinators like #bees, improving your #harvests. Once picked, you can use lavender in everything from lemonade to bath salts. Get #growing! 🐝 ...

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#Garden Tip Tuesday!⠀

Looking to grow in a smaller space? Pots and window boxes are great options, but they hold less #soil, so they require more frequent watering. How do you know when it's time for a good soak? Stick your finger about 2" deep into the soil--if it's damp, you can hold off, but if it's dry, it's time to break out the watering can! 💦

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